Ro’Lo Open Deck Carrier / Tanker

General Info

– Condition: Used
– Category: Ro’Lo
– Tonnage: 1.100 (t)
– Year of construction: 1989 / rebuilt 2021 (to international trade / SOLAS)
– Reference Nr: XH-SH1079


– Length: 87.50 m
– Width:
13.00 m
– Draft: 3.63 m
– Depth:
5.00 m

Price: On request

Prices fluctuate due to market circumstances. Contact us for the latest price updates.

Additional information:

  • This exceptional vessel seamlessly combines the characteristics of a RoLo (Roll-on/Lift-off) carrier, an open deck carrier, and a tanker. Originally built as a combination vessel with a double bottom and equipped with six fuel tanks, it boasts a total capacity of 2,400m3. However, please note that the loading/discharging connections have been intentionally removed, resulting in its current classification solely as a RoLo vessel rather than a tanker.
  • Class: RINA (originally built to Ice 1A) - currently laid up and IS/DD due May 2023, but Owners can deliver with IS/DD passed and fully in class
  • DWT: 1.100 dwt with max A250 as trading area, was 2.040 for trading area E (inland and max 5nm off coast)
  • Main engine:: Diesel electric, 5x Volvo Penta, total 1 667 kW.
  • Propulsion: 2x ASD Rolls Royce, type 220/24MKIII
  • Bow thruster: 370 kW
  • Max speed 11 knots, economic about 8 knots with consumption of 6 m3 (This figure is likely possible to adjust better).
  • Open deck 68,00 x 10,56 m + about 9m under accomodation.
  • Max height from deck and up to accummodation 6.2m (can be re-built to 6.7m).
  • Ramp strength 120 ts overall / ramp door opening: 10,56 x 6,50 m
  • Max axle load 25 ts/sqm (deck and ramp)
  • This vessel has been laid up since May 2023 in Eastern Europe and is available for inspection at its current location. As the vessel's IS/DD inspection is approaching, we are willing to arrange for it to be completed if an agreement is reached with the buyer and a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) is signed with a deposited payment. This ensures that the vessel will be delivered to the buyer in fully classed condition, with the IS/DD inspection freshly passed
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