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New Built / Never Used Tanker 3750 Dwt

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New Built / Never Used Tanker 3750 Dwt

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  • Condition:Used
  • Reference #:XH-SH854
  • Status:Available
  • Price:USD 4.6 mln

About New Built / Never Used Tanker 3750 Dwt

Gross tonage 3750DWT

Length over all 83.34 m Length Breadth extreme 13.00m Depth to maindeck 7.45 m Design Draught ~5.66 m

Main engine power 1560kw

Design speed 11.5kn

Cargo tanks capacity ~3528 m3 Slop tank capacity ~75 m3.

The vessel is double shell production oil tanker with single screw and diesel engine build to the class of LR and have factual statement of construction of ship from LR.

The unmanned engine room, pretty linetype, humanization arrangement, and large quantities of importation equipments.

Main engine use one WARTSILA 8L20 diesel oil engine, power 1560Kw, CPP, reduction gear boxes, flexible coupling and stern shaft is all supplied by WARTSILA.

The propelling machinery of the vessel has following feature: 1) HFO can be used under any operating condition. 2) Nonpolar speed changing. 3) Excellent ship maneuverability.

Two 280Kw main generator (CUMMINS+SIEMENS) one 90Kw emergency generator (CUMMINS+SIEMENS) shall be installed on the vessel, trademark and technology keep ahead in interior.

One 250Kw three direction drafting type bow thruster (VETH-JET, Holland) shall be provided, it ensure agile operating characteristic during ship port service and harbor.

The ship goes ahead with 3Kn speed by bow thruster when main engine no power, and bow thruster can be maintained without docking.

The vessel to be designed to have 10 cargo oil tanks and 1 slop tank for carrying HFO and MDO with flashpoint more than 60℃.

The cargo and slop tank are built of mild steel and coated with import rainbow type coating.

Cargo tanks to be heated by 1800kw thermal oil boiler and relevant pipeline,

it has better safety and heating performance than steam heating system.- One pump to be arranged on the vessel, two HFO cargo pumps and one MDO cargo pump tobe installed in the pump room. cargo pump to be used Germany BORNEMAN production.

The cargo tank to be used automatic monitor system, Germany VEGG radar level measuring system, foursquare draft system, loading computer, ballast tank level remote measuring system, valve remote control and ODME system etc. Electric gyrocompass and automatic pilot to be used Germany ANSCHUETZ production, ANSCHUETZ is preferred brand in electric gyrocompass and automatic pilot fAccommodation for a complement of 9, with independent toilet, central air condition, heating device and venation etc..

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